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Talabi Diabetes Centre (TDC), in October 2016 received a grant worth 100,000 United States Dollars from The World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) to run a 2 year project titled ‘Enhancing Diabetes Education and Care in Ogun State’. The project is to run from October 2016 to November 2018.

The project will be executed in conjunction with the Ogun State Local Government Service Commission and the Ogun State Chapter of Diabetes Association of Nigeria.

Project Goal: Improve knowledge and strengthen the skill of Primary Healthcare Workers in Ogun State to deliver basic diabetes care.

Project Objectives:

1. Improve the knowledge base of 1000 primary healthcare workers on diabetes.

2. Improve the ability of 1000 primary healthcare workers to deliver good diabetes education and care thereby improving the lives of people living with diabetes in their communities.

3. Furnish all the participating 100 Primary Healthcare Centres in Ogun state with Glucose monitors and strips and blood pressure monitors to be shared among them and the health posts in the various communities.

4. Screen 25,000 individuals who present to the various primary healthcare centres for diabetes

Target group(s): Primary Healthcare workers in the 20 Local Governments in Ogun State.

Intended project results

1,000 Primary healthcare workers across the 20 local governments will be trained in diabetes care.
2,000 copies of diabetes training/education manuals will be produced and distributed to the participants and the various health centres.
10,000 monofilaments amounting to 100 monofilaments per health centre, 25,000 Glucometer strips amounting to 250 strips per health centre, 200 Glucometers amounting to 2 glucometers per health centre and 100 blood pressure monitors amounting to 1 blood pressure monitor per health centre  will be distributed to participating primary healthcare centres.
25, 000 individuals will be screened for diabetes in the various participating primary healthcare centres.
Planned activities to reach objectives:

3 day update courses on Diabetes-2 cycles per zone will be organized in the 4 zones to which the 20 Local Government Areas in Ogun state are divided.
125 Primary Healthcare workers will attend the course per zone per cycle during which 20 lectures on the various aspects of diabetes will be delivered by various lecturers.
All the lectures delivered will be compiled into a training manual for distribution to participants - 2,000 copies of manuals will be produced.
Monofilaments, Glucose monitors and strips will be distributed at the end of the 3 day program to the various Primary care centres represented at the course.
All the Health Centres will be encouraged to actively screen individuals who come to the Centres for routine care for diabetes.