Talabi Diabetes Center | A not-for-profit grassroots oriented facility 



The Center believes that diabetes is not a death knell; hence it is dedicated to ensuring that people with diabetes have the right to a normal, productive and fulfilled life. To this end, CARE, AWARENESS CREATION and EDUCATION will continue to be its focal point.

The year 2014 International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates for Nigeria indicated that there were 3.747 million cases of diabetes in Nigeria with a prevalence of 4.6% in adults. The IDF scorecard rated Nigeria’s weakest area in diabetes management as financial support of diabetes services. The Scorecard also noted the non - universal nature of services for diagnosis, and lack of diabetes services for vulnerable population groups. The World Health Organization statistics indicate that Nigeria has the highest number of people living with diabetes in sub-Sahara Africa and has a relatively high diabetes related morbidity and mortality as most of those living with the condition cannot manage the financial burden of treatment regimes. 

The Diabetes Association of Nigeria (DAN) posited that Nigeria’s top national diabetes priorities should include equitable, universal access to care, and the development/ implementation of a National Diabetes program. In Ogun State, Nigeria, the WDF sponsored SIDCAIN project (World Diabetes Foundation project 08-321) found a prevalence of 5.05% in the people screened (Community based diabetes risk assessment in Ogun State, Nigeria. Indian J Endocrinol Metab. 2013 Jul-Aug; 17(4): 653-658). 

Confronted with these uncomfortable information, the Center is shopping for funding assistance for its Diabetes Advocacy Drive for sufferers in Ogun State. It is the Centre’s desire to collaborate with other relevant institutions and the State Government to develop and adopt State Guidelines for DIABETES PREVENTION AND MANAGEMENT.