Talabi Diabetes Center | A not-for-profit grassroots oriented facility 


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Challenges and Needs of the centre

You can also show your support to the centre by attending to one or more of these Challenges and Needs of the centre

Manpower development - Staff exchange programs.

Tools and equipment for CARE and Outreach Programs.

Software development for data gathering, processing and usage.

Educational materials for the establishment of a functional and modern Library in the Isara Complex.

Partnership (both local and international) for the development of its collaborative research exploration into the glycaemic effects of local foods and herbs and the introduction of same into the market for the enhancement of diabetes prevention and self-management. This will also go a long way in the sustenance of the gains of the WDF15-1257 co-funded project.

Grants/funding/project adoption of some of its projects. The following projects/activities, amongst others, will benefit immensely from these gestures:
i. The School Health Club
ii. Annual celebration of World Diabetes Day
iii. Outreach Programs and continued diabetes screening to create AWARENESS and EDUCATE the generality of the communities
iv. Continued training of diabetes healthcare workers.
v. Development and adoption of State Guidelines for DIABETES PREVENTION AND MANAGEMENT and enactment of relevant laws guiding effective diabetes care delivery by the State legislative arm.