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Our Plea to You

Our Plea to You

Being a victim of this condition, I know that what diabetics need most is empathy not just sympathy. For this reason, the TDC is seeking your support in any way you choose (cash or kind) to enable the Centre continue its compassionate support of diabetics in this part of Nigeria and indeed in the whole of the country. I cannot do it alone. Up to date, I have had to single-handedly fund about 95% of the building of the Centre, its management, several workshops and outreach activities as well as the funding of the Centre’s 2-years (2016-2018) WDF15-1257project for which WDF assisted with $10,000. This is becoming too overwhelming for me. I am therefore appealing to you to please join hands with me and the Centre to water the seed planted in 2005 when establishing the Talabi Diabetes Centre.   

A click on the link labelled CHALLENGES and NEEDS of the CENTRE will show you the various ways you can help us either in cash or in kind. Please donate right away: Click DONATE 


In addition to your donation, we request that you support us by spreading the following good news that you have gathered about diabetes on this website:
•    Diabetes is not contagious, although it can be inherited.
•    Diabetes is not yet curable. However, if sufferers cooperate with their health providers, take their medications regularly, make healthy eating and physical activity part of their daily routine, and faithfully adopt other professionally advised life-style changes, they can live fulfilled lives.
•    Diabetics are just as human as non-diabetics. If they manage their health properly, they can do almost everything that non-diabetics can do. 
•    Diabetics needs our support and not just our sympathy.


For further information, please contact us: 
Email: info@talabidiabetescenter.org
Telephone: +2348034712568
Website: www.talabidiabetescenter.org


Thank you very much.

(Sgd.) Olumuyiwa Talabi (FCA)