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Diabetes And Neuropathy (Nerve Damage)

Nerve damage is common in individuals with diabetes especially when the diabetes is of a long duration or the blood sugar level has been poorly controlled over time. Symptoms that can be experienced include numbness in the legs, feet and palms. Others are heat and peppery sensations all over the body. Pain in the thighs, legs and buttocks can also occur. There may also be wasting of the muscles in the hands and feet while some others can experience dizziness. Weakness of erection of the penis is also common in men with diabetic nerve damage while women complain of vaginal dryness.

Some individuals with nerve damage lose the ability to perceive the warning symptoms of low blood sugar levels which include tremors of the hands, sweating, hunger pangs and excessive beating of the heart and are thus prone to going into coma due to very low blood sugar levels.

Diabetic nerve damage can be prevented or delayed by keeping the blood sugar level under control through a combination of regular use of anti-diabetic medications, regular exercise schedule and eating the right diet. In cases where the damage has already occurred, prompt visit to healthcare workers is advised.