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Stock taking and Vision for 2019-2021

Stock taking and Vision for 2019-2021

The Centre has been able to come this far through its dedicated, integrated and progressive need-focused designed programs for which we received appreciable support from our collaborators and more especially from World DiabetesFoundation (WDF) for its part funding of our 2years (2016-2018) WDF15-1257 project:Enhancing Diabetes Education and Care in Ogun State. 

Our experiences over the years, especially the past five years have made it abundantly clear to us that: backing-up AWARENESS with appropriate ACTIONS will give the desired goal of PREVENTION and INFORMED EFFECTIVE SELF-MANAGEMENT REGIMEN. It is therefore of utmost importance to us to ensure the sustainability of the gains of these past years. This, among other things, will engage our attention for the next five years—2019-2023.

We at the Centre are convinced that though diabetes is presently incurable, healthful and mindful dietary and lifestyle choices go a long way in curtailing diabetes and its devastating complications. This indeed is the first step in achieving a better health and well-being for all and the treatment for communicable and non-communicable diseases alike. We believe that diabetes need not be that expensive to manage and control: however, making the right food choices and life style is very important. This means these right food choices, which must be nutrient rich and made from readily available whole foods, must be made available to all and sundry at affordable costs and be user-friendly. To this end, we have our sights in these coming years on our food project titled:  “Go Healthy Foods Venture”. 

The GOAL of the project is to: come up with products that will dramatically improve people's health and potentially save lives.

We are saying it loud and clear, we cannot do it alone: we need SUPPORT to ensure that our ideas and initiatives have the much needed FUNDING and COLLABORATION for every phase of the project. 
Please help the Centre and her collaborators keep our enthusiasm going and an assurance of a rewarding outcome as we roll out consumer-friendly nutrient rich whole foods choices at the end of the project period.