Talabi Diabetes Center | A not-for-profit grassroots oriented facility 

Our Mission

The mission of the Center is to make a difference in the fight against diabetes: starting the combat at the grassroots.

Our Vision

Our vision is to overcome diabetes through the development of a sustainable, cost-effective and user-friendly intervention management strategy.

About Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious complex condition which can affect the entire body. Diabetes requires daily self care and if complications develop, diabetes can have a significant impact on quality of life and can reduce life expectancy.

TDC At A Glance.

Talabi Diabetes Center (TDC) is a not-for-profit grassroots oriented facility established in 2005 by the Olumuyiwa Talabi Family of Isara, in the Remo North Local Government area of Ogun State, Nigeria. The Center believes that diabetes is not a death knell; hence it is dedicated to ensuring that people with diabetes live a normal, productive and fulfilled life. To this end, AWARENESS CREATION, EDUCATION and CARE, are paramount to the Center. [Read More ...]

About the Founder

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes mellitus (diabetes for short) in 1984, I did not attach any importance to the diagnosis. I just took diabetes as one of those diseases that will get cured after taking prescribed medications. With these high hopes, I set out to look for a cure from far and near. Unfortunately, everywhere I went I got an unmistakable response of "NO CURE"! (It was in this process that I got to know that diabetes per se, is not a disease; but the manifestation of a diseased or compromised organ (the pancreas) of the body). Although this response to my search was devastating since I know that diabetes kills, I was encouraged by the assurance given by all that I can effectively manage the situation and live a fulfilled life as long as I wholeheartedly:...[Read More...]

Our Goals

  • - The enhancement of the lives of people living with diabetes through awareness creation, education and empowerment with the wherewithalto manage the condition.
  • - Prevent or at least delay its onset in those that are pre-disposed to the condition.
  • - Prevent or at least delay the onset of the consequences/complications of the condition.
  • - Serve as a Center of Exchange with national and international institutions.
  • - Embark on advocacy drive for diabetics, especially in Ogun State, by collaborating with related institutions and partnering with the government, to come up with acceptable and workable Guidelines for Diabetes Prevention and Management.

How you can help us with some of our CHALLENGES and NEEDS at the CENTRE

Good News

Though not curable as of now, diabetes can be effectively managed

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TDC is seeking your support in any way you choose (cash or kind) to enable the Centre continue its compassionate support of diabetics in this part of Nigeria and indeed in the whole of the country.


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Our Areas Of Accomplishment includes

Interest in and celebration of World Diabetes Day (WDD)

Since its inception in 2005, the Centre, in collaboration with the Ogun State Chapter of Diabetes Association of Nigeria,

Education/Update Courses

In 2006, The Center in collaboration with the Obafemi Awolowo College of Health Sciences, Shagamu,

Outreach Program

The Centre's Outreach activities are always preceded with Advocacy Visits to the kings, Community Heads and Leaders of towns and Communities

Center's Clinical Complex.

The Centre's purpose builtClinical Complex was commissioned in March 2010 by the State's Executive Governor.

Stock Taking and Vision for 2019 - 2021

The Centre has been able to come this far through its dedicated, integrated and progressive need-focused designed programs for which we received appreciable support from our collaborators and more especially from World DiabetesFoundation (WDF) for its part funding of our 2years (2016-2018) WDF15-1257 project:Enhancing Diabetes Education and Care in Ogun State.

Our experiences over the years, especially the past five years have made it abundantly clear to us that: backing-up AWARENESS with appropriate ACTIONS will give the desired goal of PREVENTION and INFORMED EFFECTIVE SELF-MANAGEMENT REGIMEN. It is therefore of utmost importance to us to ensure the sustainability of the gains of these past years. This, among other things, will engage our attention for the next five years—2019-2023.

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